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My artwork focuses on emotions expressed through conceptual ideas. These emotions take the shape of sadness, disappointment, despair or desolation, but it always has a second face of empowerment. Negative emotions inspire me, but they also consume me, so I let them out though my artwork. I create so I can heal myself. The emotion gets trapped in a photograph away from me, but healing is a continuous process, so creating is in a loop. My inspiration comes at my lowest point: in a depression, a melt down, a giving up on life situation. In my work I keep things as natural as possible. A wrinkle stays in place, an imperfect lipstick application adds to the image. Over-editing is not my story. I pick random things around me to compose my shot. I use other people’s unwanted items to tell my story.  Sometimes are items leftover form a party, other times are things that I found on the street. My physical resources are always minimal, but I compensate with creativity.

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